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Our Firm

Since 1987 we have managed assets for institutions throughout the USA and Europe, applying a combination of macro-economic and value-based investing.


In operation nearly 30 years, we attribute our success to our unwavering commitment to both our clients and approach to the markets.

Initially established in 1987 as subsidiary of ABB, the company was started with the purpose of managing in-house insurance assets for the large engineering company. It was during this time that some of our long standing fixed income strategies were established, and operations soon expanded to include money management for outside clients.

In 1998 SEB, one of Europe's largest banks, acquired the company, renaming it to SEB Asset Management America, Inc.

Then in 2004, through a management buy-out, Hillswick Asset Management, LLC was established as a 100% employee-owned Firm, which continues to be the case today.